Collection: Parent Video Series

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As parents, we want to do as much as we can for our little ones. To help make it easier, Nolaro24 now offers a series of educational and informative videos designed for the parent. The Parent Video Series includes topics ranging from newborn through adolescence. Each speaker is an established and respected medical professional with extensive experience in their field of expertise.

Nolaro24 is an established provider of foot treatment products for children and adults. We are a long-time leader in educational lectures, webinars, and Master Classes for medical professionals. We have created a new series of videos designed for non-medical professional (parents) to better understand key foot development conditions.

As a parent seeking to learn more about the growing foot and ways to help with your child's comfort and proper development, these videos will be a useful resource to enable you to become better informed about your child’s foot development and treatment.

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